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Let’s face it – a lot of people do drugs. Some pop pills, some smoke a little pot, and some are addicted to the harder stuff. We all know that drugs aren’t going anywhere, and neither are cops.

In this region, particularly in the Outer Banks, most drug charges are the result of a traffic stop followed by a search of a vehicle. The vast majority of people who are charged with a drug crime are low-level and/or first time offenders and don’t want to blemish their life history with a criminal record. Although it’s a bad decision to travel to the beach with some weed or other drug, we don’t think it should result in a life altering conviction.

At Donahue Defense, when we deal with drug charges, we often have to look at the big picture before deciding how to approach our representation. There is a big difference in defending the 18 year old college kid who is accused of having a dimebag and bowl vs. the convicted felon who is accused of trafficking in heroin. While the goal in the first case might be a dismissal of the charges, the goal in the second might be to avoid a couple of decades in prison. Everything we do is based on our particular client and his or her particular case.

No matter what kind of drug charge you are facing, give us a call to discuss it. We’re happy to listen to the facts, and hopefully, offer our services. Over the years we’ve dealt with many drug-related cases, perhaps even some very similar to yours, so don’t be embarrassed to call and ask for help — that’s why we’re here.

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Case dismissed! Professional and worked with my budget. Would recommend!

Max W.

From the moment I contacted Donahue Law Firm I was very impressed with the professionalism of the staff. Their office stayed in constant contact with me regarding the details of my case. I was also impressed that Mr...

Michael H.

The people at Donahue law firm were very professional and courteous. Once I made my payment online, Dan Donahue contacted me promptly. Once I explained my situation he was able to easily explain to me exactly how the...

Brian Oliver

I am an out of state driver that visits the Currituck County area primarily during the summer. I received a speeding ticket during a recent and faced a court date. I contacted Donahue and explained how I was unable to...

David Saunders

Dan Donahue is an outstanding lawyer! His effort to win your case knows no bounds. I retained his services after I was stopped for a DUI in February of 2017. Through his efforts, Dan was able to secure a complete...

Rob Purvis

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